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Thread: Setting Up a mobile friendly web page...

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    The site is working after some tooling... wow getting this to work on those ipads are tricky... iphones are much easier... thanks for the help, they gave me the help i needed to get ahead.

    one day, id like to figure out sliding images with Net Objects, until then...


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    How are you directing mobile phone users to the mobile site? Are you usinig an external script or simply a gateway entry page?

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    Default mobile site

    How do you do a mobile redirection or a DNS entry?

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    Question apple devices

    Quote Originally Posted by p.lau View Post
    getting this to work on those ipads are tricky... iphones are much easier... [/url]

    I don't have apple devices. I'm looking for iphone (or mobile) equivalent of

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    How about ?

    Except if I try Mike's sample pages, I get an error:

    This content cannot be displayed in a frame
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    I just upgraded to NOF 12 from NOF 10 - (got tired of waiting for a Mac version and am running this on VM Ware), and I came here looking for a similar answer.

    I bought the upgrade specifically because it sounded like I can make mobile compatible devices for websites easily. I've barely scratched the surface digging around the new version.
    I would like to have a website built and have a mobile version automatically detected on a smart phone or other mobile device.
    My question is does NOF have a "switch" that will write a script to copy the original site into code for the mobile site? Can I use a mobile template and "copy" the original site to suit the mobile template?
    So far I'm getting that I need to make two separate sites, one for a regular screen view (computer) and a duplicate for the mobile view and have a link to "go mobile". There is no automatic detector without finding an outside script and inject it?

    I'm a total code retard and do not understand all this to get the mobile version to work seamlessly. That was the whole point of buying this kind of software.
    I need to make this as easy as possible for my users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Either option works well...

    • If you create a new site you could use the Wizard where there are some basic mobile options that target pre-smartphone. Or you can create a "new site from template" and choose the smartphone specific template.
    • If you have an existing website you could import a mobile page as an addition. From Site View choose File > Insert Template and then choose the smart phone template. Lastly you might want to "exclude from navigation" via the Site Views property inspector.

    After you have your mobile site or page, you can go a step forward with 3rd party mobile redirection scripts or a DNS entry for your specific page.

    example: ->
    If you insert template in a child page you will wreck the whole site. I just did that to a 24 page site, luckily it was a copy of the real one. there has to be an easier way to add one mobile page to a site.

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    i have a site created on fusion 11. I now have fusion 12. I need my site which i have imported in fusion 12 to be mobile phone friendly, please help? any help / guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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