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Thread: How do you ad a Facebook Like Box

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    Default How do you ad a Facebook Like Box

    I created my website years ago and it's been working fine. I've basically only had to change text and photos over the years. But now I'm trying to branch out further using a Facebook Page too. It looks like Facebook provides a "like box" that you can ad to your primary website. I think I have the code from Facebook, but I'm not sure how to actually insert it, include it, or use it via my Net Objects 10 programmed web site. Some step by step directions would sure be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Pace a text box on the page where you want the box to display. Make the text box the size of the FB box. Width and lock the height.

    Click inside the text box and press Ctrl+t.

    Paste in the code you got from FB.

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    Default Thank you.

    Thank you. Your kind help is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend.

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    Thanks Chuck!
    Thanks tcgavin!
    Today (12/05/15) I did these steps in my website and it works!
    Nadia Prato

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    Am new here so sorry if this seems a really dum question but I have been trying to find the HTML code on Face Book as I want to add a Like button and also the update facebook window

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    I recommend you to use the next plugin to add Facebook like Box -

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    old thread and outdated info, here are steps

    Copy the URL of the Facebook page you would like to embed.
    Go to the Facebook Like Box page at
    Paste the URL into the Facebook Page URL field
    Make any other desired configurations in the provided options.
    Click the Get Code button. This will produce a dialog box that contains some iframe code that you can embed on your page.
    Copy the iframe code from dialog box and take it over to the Drupal page you wish to embed the code in. Make sure your Drupal page is in Edit mode.
    Change the Input Format of the text editor to PHP - this must be done before pasting in any code.
    Add any other HTML that you desire outside of the iframe tags.
    Remember, when using the PHP Input Format, if you want to add additional HTML, you will have to add the tags yourself.
    Using any other input format other than PHP will completely strip the PHP code from the text editor and it will not be automatically replaced if you toggle back.
    Click the Save button.

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    I am new here so sad on the off chance that this appears a truly dum address however I have been attempting to discover the HTML code on Face Book as I need to include a Like catch furthermore the upgrade facebook window.

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    Thanks dear! your post solved my problem too. and thank you chuk. its amazing

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