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Dear Turtle...oops, should that be "got fusion?" Sorry about that.

Thanks or putting me on the right track.

I don't know how I finally did it; but after screwing around I finally got the backup site folder from my host opened, unpacked and loaded into Essentials.

As I had been warned, the formatting is completely screwed up. It's been a few years, so I will have to re-learn NOF and probably spend a few months cleaning up the site.

Several years ago I printed out the manual for MX. Are the procedures for Essentials similar to those of MX? Do you think I can use the MX manual without getting into too much trouble?

Thanks again for your help. Mike
Fusion has changed very little (at least in what the user sees) since it was first brought out. MX is version 6 and essentials is version 7.5. There are some advanced input area differences but the GUI is basically the same.

I looked at your site after you posted the URL. It is a very basic site with less than 10 pages.

What you may want to do is start a new site project in Fusion, then copy/paste the content from your existing (live) web site into the new site project. When pasting content from OUTSIDE of fusion (not page to page within the fusion product) you should set the paste default to unformatted text to avoid problems. See this tutorial on how to set this: http://www.gotfusion.com/tutorials/tut.cfm?itemID=4067