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Thread: Auto-generated image output

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    Question Auto-generated image output

    Tools > Options > Application > Program > Auto-generated image output is set to "Not Optimized"

    When I insert an image into NOF12, the Pictures Properties > Optimize >Settings is
    "Best PNG" or Best JPEG", depending on what image I insert.

    Wondering why NOF is ignoring my Application settings and publishing new images?

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    This is a known bug that will be corrected with an update. Here is a thread that presents a work around until this bug fix is released:
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    Something I will also add is that when adding a plugin and choosing a gif file to click on to open a pdf document, the image files are not being generated and when I publish I get the following error:
    Can't copy file: E:\Websites\personal\Preview\Autogen\a_80124.gif
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    Can't copy file: E:\Websites\personal\Preview\Autogen\a_80124_1.gif
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    I have been going into the preview\autogen folder and adding the gifs and naming them myself. Let me know if there is a setting the generates these gif files.

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