Three of my students completely lost their web sites when reoptimizing after verifying their file assets while creating a template to use for backup. This was in a section of 16. Oddly enough, no students in the other section had the problem, but I suspect that most of them didn't back up correctly to a template so didn't experience the problem. The three that experienced the barfing are among my better students.

One was using NOF under Parallels on a Mac. The other two were using Windows computers. Unfortunately, I don't know what version of Windows.

I think I'm going to have them save their web site to a new name before verifying their assets so if NOF does barf, they won't lose everything.

Don't know whether anyone has any suggestions. Unfortunately, I didn't see this happen and I can't reproduce it, but it happened frequently enough and to some of the best (i.e., they follow instructions well and actually backed up) students, so I'm concerned.