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Thread: What's happened to the e-commerce feature?

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    Steve Howe

    Default What's happened to the e-commerce feature?

    There seems to be a downgrade of the editing facilities available in the
    e-commerce component from earlier NOF versions.
    For instance, unless I am missing them somewhere, there doesn't appear to be
    an adjustment for thumbnail size any longer or facility to link to the main
    description if an image is not used? Can anyone clarify this?


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    In page view, when you click on one of the thumbnails, the catalog properties box will show the tumbnail properties where you can enter a number for the size thumbnale, or in the lower right hand corner of the thumbnail you can drag it to change the size. If when you click on the tumbnail and you don't see the Thumbnail properties, trying hitting the F3 key or going to View and Property inspector.

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