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Thread: Why upgrade?

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    Except for the freezing when I do certain things like add an e commerce catalog more than once, or somtime intermittently while building a website, NOF 12 has been pretty good to me. I am looking forward to the fixes and upgrades that are coming out. With all of the help and information I have obtained off of the users forum and from Mike, I have learned to use many features in NOF. I like the folder structure they have now for saving page files. I do like the image bank and have added folders with my own web graphics. Please keep up the good work and thank you again.

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    We've hit SEO as well with improvements to the publishing arrangement right out of the box. Descriptive URL's increase your page rank to deliver more hits to your website.
    1. Can u elaborate on the "publishing arrangements"- I'm an SEO guy so don't be afraid of getting technical... I'd prefer it.
    2. Can I keep my urls from NOF 11? without hassle?... I don't want to issue redirects to 100 urls.

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