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Thread: NOF crash with guestbook component

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    Default NOF crash with guestbook component

    Dear all,

    I've added a guestbook component area into a page. When I edit it using properties/editor, the dialog opens correct, but after closing the dialog by pressing 'Ok' NOF does not respond anymore besides the ringing tone that sounds when you hit the background of an application while it expects an entry. There is no open dialog window visible, however.

    The only way to stop this is to shut down NOF with the task manager. When reopening NOF and trying to edit the guestbook component area same thing happens again.

    Any ideas what's wrong ?

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    Running as administrator ?

    JRE 1.6 selected ?

    Did you run the database wizard ?
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    Hello gotFusion,

    thank you for your reply. Yes, I'm running fusion as admin and with enabled java 1.6, and yes, I've successfully created a guestbook.csv with the database wizard when I created the guestbook area. The problems occure when I want to edit the component.

    best greetings
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