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Thread: Form - Working but error code??

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    Is it possible to create a file held within the ASSETS of NetObjects Fusion and have that used to interact with the Form?

    The MySQL server setup seems like it will not interact without a login process to the server and I can't tell if thats internally scripted by NOF. All it is asking me for is

    SMTP Server
    Succes URL
    CSV File Path
    File Upload Folder

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    How does the FormHandler component normally handle the Information input from the end user? Does it store in locally in a website file?

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    i haven't looked at those but I will go through them.

    Incidentally, I was able to get the Form to work by creating a database file in my ASSETS and selecting the file as the path target. Now it works - thanks for your help. Sorry for the newb questions. I'm just getting the hang of a few things.

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