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Thread: Where did the SPAN tag generator thingy go????

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    Default Where did the SPAN tag generator thingy go????

    I have a dozen named span tags, and I need to make more, but I can't find a way to create them. I suspect that has been removed from NOF 12.

    The reason is that if you attempt to highlight a word or phrase in the middle of a sentence, NOF creates that highlight using <b> and <i> tags, and it seems like modern browswers don't take well to that. Especially if the highlighted portion is in the middle of a block of text that already has some CSS formatting. This seems to be a generic feature of NOF - formatting created using the Text Properties box seems to be generated using HTML tags rather than CSS.

    Also, if you wish to assign a background color to a segment of text, you can't do that with plajn CSS, you must use a SPAN tag with CSS styling inside the SPAN tag. Otherwise all you can do is apply a background color to an entire paragraph, which is not what I need to do in very many cases.

    I could also do this by using named selectors, so I created a simple class, but it turns out there is no way to assign a class to a segment of text -- only to an entire text box.

    This is turning out to be just horrible. This website prints out to 160 pages, and it appears I'm going to have to hand fix all of it, because NOF can't do it sensibly.

    Unfortunately, NOF shows the web page in Page View, and it looks correct - but it's not WISYWIG because browsers show it differently.

    Very frustrated. Looking for help.
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