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Thread: Where is the Screen Door" tool in NOF 12?

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    Default Where is the Screen Door" tool in NOF 12?

    I need to use the Screen Door tool in NOF 12 so that I can point to an alternate version of a page. I.E. work OK for a particular page ( but if you view that page with say Netscape or any other Mozilla browser, it appears to be blank.

    Hence the need for the Screen Door tool. The documentation gives a very clear strategy for dealing with that and it says to use the Screen Door tool from the NOF 12 Standard Tool Bar, but the Screen Door tool is no where to be found.

    Can somebody please help me find it?

    Mike Gorman

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    It's in NOF Standard Components. Not Tool Bar.

    Click on the Custom Components pop-out menu on the left side of Design View.
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    Might be nicer/cleaner if you used some browser detection code and re-routed visitors that way rather than a 1980's effect? No offense meant btw.
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    Wouldn't it be great if there was only a single browser to worry about!!!

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