Hello awesome helping people!

Things were going so well for me. Then, suddenly, all my text fields turned grey on me. I checked the autosaved versions, and while they did not reflect this change, they all seemed corrupted as they did not have the banner or other aspects. I tried to go to layout properties and change the background from automatic to transparent, but that only changed the color for just that page. Plus, it made the whole page transparent. I only want the text to be transparent. I checked what I have up already, and it is good, so I am afraid to upload anymore pages.

So, my site is good what I have loaded now. But if I upload anymore, I am sure I will corrupt what I already have up. If you look at veganscience.com online, you will see my site as I intend it to look. But it no longer looks that way locally in my computer. It is all grey!

I have uploaded and attached a jpeg of my site locally in NetObjects. (I hope I did this right.)

BTW, I have sent this same question to NetObjs support and it's been two days with no response. Is that typical?

Thank you!

~ Jeff (aka BCR guy)
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