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Thread: Contact Form success "Thank You" page

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    Default Contact Form success "Thank You" page

    I have a Contact page that is a form that the user submits. I have the FormsHandler set up to call a "Thank You" page upon successful submission of the form. That all works fine. My problem is knowing where I should put the "Thank You" page in the Site hierarchy. Right now I have it as a child page of the Contact page. But, I don't want the Thank You page to appear in the navigation bar.

    In short, is there a preferred way to do this?

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    Set the page as exclude from navigation, then add a custom menu to the thank you page so user can navigate away.

    My way, anyway.

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    There are a number of ways you can have pages that do not show in the menu structure. This will go over some of them:
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    I found that when I used the "Exclude from Navigation" method, I needed to set a different MasterBorder or else my Navigation Bar got all whacked up with the wrong things. So it took a combination of "Exclude from Navigation", a different MasterBorder, and custom menus on my "Thank You" page to get it the way I wanted.

    Thanks for all your feedback and help!

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