Hi I am using NOF 12 with external JRE (1.6) on XP and having problems assigning actions to an object (a Picture).
What I am trying to do is have one large picture that will change based upon the user clicking on smaller (separate thumbnail) versions of the picture(s).
To set this up:
For the single large picture I have added an action (Set Action) as follows
When: Page Loaded
Standard Action
Target: Large Picture
Message: Set Image
Parameter(s): Values… Where each Image value(s) (1-10) is set to a different large picture of each of the individual thumbnail pictures (there are 10 different thumbnail pictures).
Now for each small (thumbnail) picture I have added an action (Set Action) as follows
When: Clicked
Standard Action
Target: Large Picture (using the same large picture defined above)
Message: Use Image
Parameter(s): Here I select and image (1-10) from the predefined list of images presented in the drop down list (selecting the one that corresponds the large version of the thumbnail)

Now I have 2 problems:
On the good news side this works fine when I preview within NOF 12. Or if I preview using Mozilla FireFox. 3.6.15.
However is does not work nor do I notice any errors when I preview using IE 8 (I have allowed IE 8 to run scripts) or Google Chrome.
The list of Parameter Values(images allowed) using Set Image or Use Image seems to be limited to 10 and I will need more than that.
So I am asking how do I go beyond 10 values (pictures for setting the image) and does anyone know why the set image / use image scripts would work in firefox and not in IE 8 or Google Chrome.
Thanks for your feedback / help