Hi to all,
I need help with Database source.
1. Can someone explain to me, what exactly needs Database Source in NOF11? I think I understand but please I need more informations.
2. How can I conect, or beter, how can I update data from my web page to a table I allready create in PhpMyAdmin?

So, I would like that some data a visitor insert on my web page goes to my table in database I created. Is it posible but also easy?

I try on Data Source in NOF11 using "New Conections-Advanced", there comes some questions I must insert to try to conect to my database on my server provider where is my allready created table. Am I right or wrong?
Any way I try so many time without succes. It comes many errors like, "SQL server does not exist or acces denied.ConectionOpen" or "Data source name not found and no default driver specified"

Can anyone help me?