I don't know if this is something others would find useful but I could really use about 3 levels of "security" choice on pages, (specified in the page properties of Site View?) so in the publish profile you can choose the level for that profile.

So if I'm publishing online (let's say "Level 2") it won't publish certain pages, or put them in the nav or sitemap. If I publish them onto the Lan it would allow "Level 1 pages" and Local on my comp "Level 0"

There is certain info I really would like on my system, but is not appropriate for public posting like pictures of relatives, and such for privacy concerns. Also, for instance, on my ancestry pages I would like to have information available from other sources for personal research, and documentation locally, but do not want to put it up on the web, for copyright reasons or plageristic reasons - just wouldn't be cool.

By using a page security level assignment you could help on business sites also possibly, maybe having pricing options for your viewing, or special instructions for the employees like questions to ask if the person is looking at this product. So when you "follow" the online customer to a certain page you get a more detailed page from your Lan version of the site.

Well, that's the best example I could come up with that would have helped me, when customers want their best "Jobber" price, or a friend wants a buddy price, yea I'm sure you have all had this happen. Use the Lan version for "Acceptable" discounts, and your bosses version for ordering instructions, or notes on suppliers, or?
I used to build 3 versions of our business website for this reason. I had access to installation instructions, tech bulletins, and data sheets with pricing structure, etc right from the local version of the site. So when a customer called, and said I'm on xyz page, I could go see what he was looking at, and answer any questions with the additional info.

With a level specified for pages, you can build the level 2 page, copy - paste it in site view - set it to level 1 and add to it. All the nav is done, links stay good, and publishing the right version to the right place is automated. all in one NOD