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    Question Way Behind The Times

    OK. Please don't laugh. Back in late 1999 or early 2000 I purchased NetObjects Fusion 4.0 and installed it on a machine running Windows XP. With absolutely zero experience in building websites I used the software to build a simple site for my father's business. His business changes slightly every year, and I've always been able to make those changes in v4.0 without a problem. Fast forward to today... My old XP machine is on its last leg, and I just purchased a new Windows 7 pc. If I purchase the latest version of NetObjects Fusion to run on the new OS, can I import or copy the 4.0 site template files into the new version? Or is there a specific version upgrade path I need to take to get my files compatible with the latest version? Help!!!

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    Uuuuuh, this is a big step, from NOF4 to NOF12.

    But if you made a template in NOF4, why don't you give it a go.
    The template in NOF4 is a .nft file.
    So try to make a "New Site > from template" in NOF12, search your .nft file, name your new project and click Open.
    Have a look, what the result might be...
    Because it's a very big step from this ancient NOF version, we always recommend to use a NOF7 version in between.
    NOF Essentials is available for free,
    NOF Essentials is NOF 7,5.

    So, you could try to import your NOF4 template first into Essentials.
    Make another template ( this time it will be a .zip file) and import it the same way I described into NOF 12.
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