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    Default FAQ Admin component

    I created two pages, FAQ Details and FAQ Admin. The FAQ Admin page is hidden from navigation. I enter its URL when I want to add/edit FAQ entries. One would think that since it's not displayed in navigation that it would be "safe". However, that does not preclude search engines from finding it and displaying the URL to the Admin page.

    How can I make the FAQ Admin page such that it won't be opened by just anybody and my FAQs destroyed or messed with?

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    You can add that page (and any others you do not want indexed) to a robots.txt file. See this gotFusion tutorial for details:
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    I always thought it odd that there was no login for this component.

    Using robots.txt is like leaving the candy bowl on the front step at Halloween, and putting up a note saying, "Please take only one."

    Respectable search engines will honor your request by not indexing the page, but it will still be accessible to less scrupulous spiders.

    I would suggest password protecting the page. You can do this simply by:
    • using the Secure Page component
    • editing the .htaccess file to protect a directory
    • employing a password protection script (If you have more advanced password needs, like mutliple users/passwords, signup, etc., the same chap has an advanced script as well.)

    If your web host used cPanel, this has a user-friendly facility for password protecting a specific directory. This simply is a nice front-end for editing the .htaccess file. In either case, you would need to place your FAQ admin page in a different directory, easily done from the "Publish View".

    The other alternative is to use a third-party FAQ script that does have a login. This is my preference after a hair-pulling experience with the NOF FAQ component.
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