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Thread: I Can't Get Any Help... So A Direct Company Email or Phone Number is My Suggestion-

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    Default I Can't Get Any Help... So A Direct Company Email or Phone Number is My Suggestion-

    I have been trying to get an answer to my problem of installing NOF and CAN'T...

    I had one person try to help on this Forum, but then said I should contact someone
    else, who has not responded... and I have 2 Open Support Tickets, that have NOT
    been answered in more then 2 weeks now.

    I have been Needing to Install NOF on my computer for more then 2 weeks now!

    I am falling behind in work I need to do... Can Anyone Help?

    Is there a Direct Company Email or Phone Number for Problems?

    I tried installing it on my computer, after my old computer crashed, and it is telling
    me that the Serial number is Incorrect... I am entering it as: NFW-1100-U-000-00000-00000
    and I have had NOF since NFW-300 - I even entered the NFW-300, NFW-400
    Serial Numbers but that did not work either...


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    It is a weekend. You might want to give it until Monday when people come back to work.

    As something you can try until then... You may have a corrupted download. You might want to go back to the download URL and get another copy and see if this fixes your issue. Turn off any download managers you may have before starting the download.

    Are you running the installer as the administrator (right click and select run as admin) ?
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    Thank you for your reply...

    I've done that, and I am the Administrator, and it seems to load and run, it's just when I enter the Serial Number,
    that it says it is not the correct number

    It's been more then 2 weeks since I opened a Support Ticket (2x) and No Answer. so I have been very patient.

    I'm guessing by your reply, that there is NO Direct Email or Phone to reach Support, correct?

    That's a problem...

    Thanks again...

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    You said you entered the serial as "NFW-1100-U-000-00000-00000 "

    It would seem that the first group of numbers after NFW should be 1200 for version 12.....

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