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Thread: NOF12 downloaded but won't run! HELP PLS!

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    Default NOF12 downloaded but won't run! HELP PLS!

    I purchased and apparently sucessfully downloaded NOF12. However i cant seem to ge beyond that! When i click the "save" option, it saves but then i cant open the file/document to get started.
    I tried re-downloading and choosing the "run" option, but absolutely nothing happens..sound like computer is trying to process something but 15mins later, i have to restart my computer.

    The help team suggested checking browser plugins are nstalled. But which plugins?
    i bought this to help build a website for my new business, thought it would be easy enough but its not!

    Can anyone help? Any suggestions on plugins or anything else would be appreciated. & could you please explain any answers in baby steps? I really dont uderstand computers! thanks

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    Perhaps you could provide us with a bit more information. What OS are you running (XP, VISTA, 7)? Can you tell us exactly what happens (and what you see) when you click on the NOF icon?

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