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Thread: Not showing all my styles

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    Default Not showing all my styles

    I just purchase NOF 12 and I am not seeing alot styles we had before. It is actully very limited. So I was trying to bring in a new style but it says thier is already a style that is name that. But I am not seeing it on my screen. I see Active SiteStyles, Local SiteStyles, and My Local Sitestyles that I have been able to bring in. But under that list this name of the new does not exist. Is thier a button to view and another folder that I am not seeing?

    It says
    "A SiteStyles Source with the same name exists.
    Please choose a diffrent name.
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    Taking a guess here as to why you don't see them in your list:

    Go to Style View, on the Text Menu Bar > Select > Add SiteStyles Source ...
    Then navigate to where your other styles are.

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