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Thread: How to insert html code of flash game in to text

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondaboy View Post
    to gotFusion -read my post up..I posted link up in my post.

    See the little window/input-box under each game? (they all start <embed src=http.......)

    Click inside that window.

    Press CTRL + A to highlight all the code

    Press CTRL + C (to copy the code)

    Then follow either tutorial to paste the code into Fusion inside a text area html insert dialog box.
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    I figured how to do it:
    copy embed html script of game (below the game) in the text document and then on extensions ".text" clear and then type word ".html" and then in the program select "text" and click "link" button in standard toolbar and then choose "File link"...on the target click "existing" and on "name" click "_blank" and that is the answer for my problem.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

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