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Thread: Menu Not Rendering Correctly

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    Question Menu Not Rendering Correctly


    Hope you can help with this strange problem.

    I have just bought the full version of NOF 12 and installed it on a newly rebuilt PC. I have then imported a site which I built with NOF 11. Everything seems to be OK and the site looks fine in the NOF editor. The site uses the green "Blocks" template.

    The problem occurs when I either preview locally or publish to the web and the automatically generated menu appears with a black background. When I view the graphics in NOF prior to publishing all the graphics seem to be fine (as they were in NOF 11). It is only when the system generates the graphical menu that it seems to overlay them with black. When I then do the rollover to select the page it flicks back to being white (as it should be).

    I have tried various setting changes like the background colour of the icons and upgrading the the newest version of Java and instructing NOF to use that instead of the shipped one.

    This is the site as published so you can see what I mean - the menu on the left should have a white background at all times, not just when rolled over.

    Please help me out here as this is very frustrating and really doesn't look good on the site.

    Thanks muchly,


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    I do not find the "green blocks" template anywhere.

    Did you purchase this template ?

    It "sounds" like the graphics are transparent. If this is the case it is a known bug which is supposed to be addressed in the first update.

    The work around is to create new navigation graphics with a sold color (white in your case) and select them as the primary buttons. Once the update is released and this issue cleared up you can revert back to the stock transparent buttons or continue using your white ones.

    This issue is also with transparent banners (any Fusion auto-generated graphic)
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