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Thread: publishing folder structure of NO 12 not determinable

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    Default publishing folder structure of NO 12 not determinable

    with older version of NO you could determine the structure of the folders for publishing to the server.

    With NO11 a folder HTML was created and into this folder all HTML files were located. The index.html was above this folder.

    With a new NO12 project all graphics are located in the root together with index.html. All other HTML files will be located with folders under the root like the file structure of the project.

    If you use an older NO project and oben it with NO12 th epublishing structure is like the older version.

    Does anybody knows how to determine this publishing behaviour?

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    You can set the publish method in publish view. This tutorial will go over the preset options you can choose from
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    Just in case you have published by site-structure and now change publish settings in the publish menu:

    Make sure you delete all contents from your server before publishing with new settings because all the pages you have created by site-structure will remain there otherwise.

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