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Thread: Using Visual Lightbox with NoF site

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    Default Using Visual Lightbox with NoF site

    I am totally stumped, and I can't seem to find the answer to my question.
    (Its probably here, but I can't find it...)

    I got Visual lightbox and created a simple Photo gallery.
    Nice and simple...drop some pics in, pick a thumbnail style, set coloumns, image sizes, etc
    and then "Publish" the gallery.

    Looks great.

    So, how do I put it onto the page of an existing website?

    just for reference, this is my Website Gallery page now:

    ...see? right now I have little thumbnails, that just link to other pages full of photos.

    I want to replace the thumbnails (and pages) with a Visual Lightbox thumbnail gallery.

    So, I assume i need to add some HTML code into the page?
    Where do i get the code?
    And then, where exactly do i place that code?

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    although my pages are in German - it might help ...

    Administrator at the German NOF-Forum | German NOF-Forum | Overview of my tutorials | Facebook

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    unfortunately the German-English translation makes it difficult to understand,
    and I am still stumped by some things.

    When I publish the Photo Gallery (lets say, to a New Folder on the desktop)
    I cannot find within, any HTML code.
    Nothing that resembles any of the code you show on your page.
    And even if I do have code to place in a NOF page, where should I be saving the
    assets of the lightbox gallery? how exactly do i place the instructing code
    on to the page?

    Keep in mind, I'm not very good with understanding HTML Code and its placement.
    The WYSIWYG method really spoils you!

    I'm hoping someone else has used Lightbox, created a thumbnail gallery
    and placed it on a NoF page...and can explain the basic steps for me to understand.

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    You'll probably find the answers you seek in this thread.... What might be best
    Paul - Aditerum Ltd and AllSortsOfStuff Ltd
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    Wouldn't it be great if there was only a single browser to worry about!!!

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    thanks, I am looking now and I will post over there

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