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Thread: I don't know what it means

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    Default I don't know what it means

    When I publish my site on firefox this appears "The components required for suite Sign-Up are not published. Please check your publish settings in Fusion and republish the site." How do I correct it?

    This also appears ""; } else { echo "

    An error occured. Please contact the site administrator"

    "Error code: 103"

    "; } exit(); } require_once($nof_rootDir . "/" . $nof_scriptDir . "/" . ""); $nof_resources->addFile($nof_langFile); ?>

    How do I correct them.

    Also when I try to publish my site in internet explorer and google chrome it doesn't work, when I went to the place I saved the published site at I saw that it was a php file how did this happen and how do I change it back into html

    Thank you in advance

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    Publish to a web server that has PHP installed
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