Good morning everybody!

NOF 10 > Pearl Version on Vista.

A User with a rather bad website using frames, upgraded from NOF8 to NOF10 without using templates.

The updated version is 5029 instead of normal 5024.

When she opens nof10 or change from one page to another she gets the follwoing error message:

"an unsupported operation was attempted"

Moreover she can't apply the site style anymore. The function on sytle view is grayed out.

She tried to install as admin and run the programm as admin and to link to external java, it didn't help.

Maybe the next step would be to install the programm directly under c:/.

I would like to know however whether anyone experienced this error message and knows a work-around. Also, could it be that the Pearl version needs other updates than the normal version? Or is it only a matter of not having upgraded the project properly?