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Thread: Site View Pg Prop's: Do Not Publish - But Keep Navigation

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    Default Site View Pg Prop's: Do Not Publish - But Keep Navigation

    This would be for Surreal or Cushy type users.
    For example, I have set up site for a campground and the manager wants a 'Bulletins Page' they can update themselves.

    Having set that up, my only publishing options is to first 'remember' they have such a page and I cannot overwrite it in a publish (or it wipes out their online edits), making Entire Site publish unusable.

    There are ticks in Site View for "Exclude from Navigation" and "Don't Publish". Please let each of these ticks stay within their description. (i.e. Don't publish means 'don't publish only , instead of what it is now: 'Don't Publish and exclude from navigation')

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    There is an option in site view to not publish a page. But I do it differently. I keep the masterborder's as separate pages that I can edit freely at any time and create content only pages that I publish once. You can call the content pages in using iFrames or, a better method, is the php include statement. I use the php method, to avoid the possibility of excess length of content generating nasty scroll bars but you have to publish all pages as php pages.
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    make a document in notepad called bull-edit.php (or asp or cfm or what ever dynamic language your host supports).

    Enter this 1 line

    <p>content goes here</p>

    Make a folder on your domain called CMS or includes or whatever (external to Fusion)

    Upload your bull-edit.cfm (or what ever extension you use) to this folder (what ever you have called it)

    In your bulletins page where you want the user editable area, enter an include statement and wrap it in the required cms div. Make sure you have the extension on this page set to the proper one you are using

    Now you can full publish fusion all you want. As long as you do not manually delete the cms folder you will never touch the user editable file.

    There is a tutorial on GF with a lot more details that covers all of this.
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