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    I had to reformat my system and lost the original site I'd posted. So now I'd like to import it (instead of having to recreate the whole thing) - but I keep getting the message "unable to contact home page" Does this have something to do with its hosting?? (I use 1&1) or I need to download it somehow (??) first and save as a template. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It means you're site is on a shared IP address.

    You can use a program called HTTrack (free) to download the site... or just use an FTP program to grab it.

    You'll need to rebuild the site from scratch though, using the assets from the online site though.

    Even though you can create a template from HTML pages and assets, it's a lot of work to clean up the results, since Fusion turns the imported pages into complex tables.

    But you can use either method. Up to you.
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