I'm looking for a script to allow site visitors to view a file from a website without downloading it. I thought there'd be tonnes of these things around, but after a full shift of Googling, I'm nowhere.

There's lots of SAAS options where you upload to their server and can view files from there. EG. DropDo, Zoho, box.net, even Google Docs. We've already got the file management part; we just need a way for authorized people to view the files directly on the site.

I found ONE, Adeptol, that has a script and a cloud-based service to call their script and view a document on your site. The cloud-based service costs $1100/year And for the script, it's "Call Us..." (You know what that means: $$$$).

Requirements would be:
  • View image files (jpg, gif, etc.), PDF, and maybe Excel
  • Files are viewed only online and not downloaded
  • Files are on client's server, not uploaded to a third-party, a-la DropDo
  • No pre-conversion of files (Scribd, etc.)

Any suggestions?