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Thread: Bug Report #1. - Input form elements outside of form.

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    Default Bug Report #1. - Input form elements outside of form.

    When an input element (eg. button) is created outside of a form, the button element on the display gets tagged with an error stating that the input element cannot be used outside of a form. This causes the element to be incorrectly considered in error and may contribute to further bugs.

    The HTML standard says:

    It is possible to associate an action with a certain number of events that occur when a user interacts with a user agent. Each of the "intrinsic events" listed above takes a value that is a script. The script is executed whenever the event occurs for that element. The syntax of script data depends on the scripting language.

    Control elements such as INPUT, SELECT, BUTTON, TEXTAREA, and LABEL all respond to certain intrinsic events. When these elements do not appear within a form, they may be used to augment the graphical user interface of the document.
    If the error is considered only a warning, and it is still desired to give the message in cases of the user accidentally putting the element outside of a form when he intended it to be inside, there should be some mechanism to turn off the warning message/icon. (i.e., a check-box "suppress form warning")
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