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Thread: 7.5 Can't see files in User Site folder...?

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    Question 7.5 Can't see files in User Site folder...?

    Hey all... I'm new to website building and NFE... I installed 7.5 Free and started creating a site... I have an issue now where my site is complete but If I close NFE and try to browse to my site files... the User Site folder is empty..? I read something about the site being "Locked"... and I followed their directions on how to unlock.. but I didn't have teh check box option for "Unlock Site"...

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    Fusion is a HTML generator.

    There are no files to view unless you do a local or remote publish.

    To have the site generated to your computer, do a Local Publish.

    No clue what you're talking about with "unlocking" a site.
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