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Thread: Very Disappointing not 64bit Compatible yet

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    Fusion 12 works perfectly on 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    No special settings are necessary.

    I have it installed on Win7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit and have no issues with it at all.
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    Joe Rotello

    Default Re: Very Disappointing not 64bit Compatible yet

    On 3/13/2012 3:21 AM, crazy8 wrote:
    > I get exactly the same error. Install hangs. Windows 7 says incompatible
    > application.
    > cummingsworld wrote:
    >> Don't know who Charles is.. nor do I care because of his response to my
    >> post was useless.
    >> If NOF12 works on Win7/64bit tell me how to get it running. I've tried
    >> all the compatibility setting
    >> [image:]
    >> So unless someone can tell me how to get this product working on a Win
    >> 7 64bit OS I'm still very disappointed


    NOF 12 installs and works fine here on our Win 7 64bit boxes.

    Before installing, set the Install file to "Run this file as
    administrator" as well.


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