My problem is solved! I purchased the NetObjects XII upgrade, downloaded with no problems, NetObjects recognized the Netfirms version 8 as valid. Of course I went through all of the steps verifying assets, reoptimizing my site, and saving as a template in version 8. Then after installing the upgrade and the update for it, I then created my site from the template I made, and published. Everything is working correctly, and my updated site is online. I hope this information will help some of the other members that are struggling with the NetFirms version 8 software.
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I have the same problem. I have used Netfirms for many years, and after migrating to the new platform they no longer recognize .nod files. I was told to go online and look for a file extracting software to convert my files. Does the version XII save files as .nod files also? Does anyone know of a GOOD web hosting company that accepts sites built with NetObjects? I am not a web designer, that's why I loved the NetObjects, it does all the work for you.

Thanks for any help given.