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Thread: Publishing site with wrong index page

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    Question Publishing site with wrong index page

    I have just upgraded to the latest version, and when I published the site last night the home page has changed from 'index' to 'index22' which of course means nobody can find the page. I did manually change the html page on the server to 'index' but that does not solve the problem as all child pages point back to 'index22' and when I republish the home page it will change to 'index22' How do I fix?

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    If you look at your site structure (with all the yellow boxes connected by lines) is your page actually named "index22"? If so, change it.... Although, now that I think about it, this shouldn't matter.

    Check in Publish View to see if the file to be published is named "index22" there. (Publish View is like a Files & Folders view of how the site will be published.) If so, rename it there. Then delete everything from the "Local Publish" folder and republish all to make sure all links are up to date.
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