What I'm doing...
I have a need to bring data in from an SQL server and I'm using the Data Sources Tool (DST) (right click any toolbar, select Data Sources).

Some info...
I have MySQL 5.1 installed on a MS WebServer 2008 R2. I also have NOF 12 on the server (not updated for #1 as yet). The data is in a table (not a View) and has been given an auto number field. I'm using MySQL Connector 5.1.8 through a DSN connection created using the MS control panel i.e. it is not a custom connection.

The story so far..
I have created a connector using the Data Sources Palette (DSP) and have created a recordset from the connector
I have managed to put a recordset on my web pages (243 records)
I have managed to create start, end, page forward and page back buttons on the web page that work
I have created a URL variable in the DSP
I have used the URL variable successfully to sellect content from the recordset for one record and publish on another web page

And now...
I'm playing with the other variables in the DSP, at this point, the form variable.
I have created a form variable in the DSP
I have created a recordset (Recordset6) in the DSP that uses the form variable as the WHERE statement
I have placed the recodset6 on the web page the same way I did before and tested this by removing the form variable from recordset6 so that all records show. They did. (the form variable is now back in place)

This is where I get stuck...
I have placed a forms edit field (FEF) on the web page and made a variety of areas the form - the layout, a table, the layout region itself
I have created the Bindings on the Reload Data Config and used the FEF as the source from the choice box (...) and the Form Variable as the destination also from the choice box (...)
So, logically, I can see that the data in the FEF will, through the bindings, be passed to the Form Variable which is used in the WHERE statement.

The outcome....
On the website, entry of data in the FEF forces the action to fire (change data action). There are no error messages showing so the script is working. But no records are returned. My conclusion is that, for some reason, the FEF variable is not being passed to the MySQL Db. Yet I know that this works in general as the URL variable works fine when tested.

Sorry that this is a bit of a long explanation.

Thanks in advance.