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Thread: Netobjects - Add a Blog - Best way for SEO

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    Be aware that out of the box wordpress is not particularly good for SEO. Here's an article on things you can do to make it so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vickiejeanc View Post
    Dear Ray: I would like to know how you embedded your Wordpress blog. I am using NOB 12. Thank you very much.
    Vickie Christensen
    The actual Wordpress blog is completely separate from the NOF site. But if you want to embed posts from Wordpress into you NOF site, it requires a couple of hoop jumps.

    These two articles cover the same ground, but sometimes it helps to have a couple of different views.

    (I had one other, but it now returns a 404. Don'tcha hate when folks don't keep their content up forever?)
    Ray Cambpell
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    Default What a wonderful site!

    You have a wonderful site here that was a quality read for me. Good info! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBravo View Post

    Does anyone have some suggestions on the best way to add a blog to a current Netobjects built website?

    For SEO purposes and to help the main sites gbwhatsapp google rankings and backlinks, I "think" that it is best to have the blog in a subfolder, correct?

    From my research it is best set up the blog as a subfolder "" and when you get any external links, it will flow back to the root domain.

    So my question is:
    "If" you have your own hosting, what is the best program, software to use to add a blog? I was thinking of just adding a wordpress blog to a subfolder in my root domain...and try and copy the "theme/style" feel of the site.

    Can any Netobjects experts give me some advice / help???


    To do SEO on a new blog, you must first creating some high authority profile backlinks on it.
    Because that would be increase the DA of this blog
    And then in a few weeks you will get high authority backlinks on it which will quickly rank in Google.

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