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Thread: At last, a simple non technical question - hopefully

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    I sent this using the ticket system but all I got was a cut and paste from the online documentation that NOF provide as a reply. So maybe someone can help with an explanation. Here it is.

    "Just looking for a bit of direction / explanation. I'm working with data sources and there are a number of components for this. What I'd like to know is the difference between:

    the database components found in MenuBar>View>Components>Database containing ASP, ASP.Net, Coldfusion and PHP;

    and the Data Sources toolbar that can be found by right clicking on any toolbar and selecting Data Source Tools."

    So, is one just an updated version of the other or are they used for different purposes?



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    Just got an answer from NOF direct. Here it is

    The Data Source tools is the newest tool NetObjects Fusion offers in terms of database connectivity. Both type of components offer basically the same features, the Data Source tools however is more complex, and offers you many more ways to connect to a database / data source.

    Question answered.


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