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Thread: Links not working on Firefox/Mac?

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    Default Links not working on Firefox/Mac?

    I have a somewhat odd problem. I built a site - - and it tested out fine on the PC and even on Safari/Mac. Then I got reports that it wasn't working properly on Firefox/Mac. I installed Firefox on my wife's Mac and sure enough, the page displays fine, but the links on the menu bar don't work. The cursor changes, I get the right link in the status bar, but nothing happens when I click them. If I right-click and select 'open link' it does work.

    It works as designed in Safari/Mac, and in Firefox/PC.

    I'm open to any suggestions.


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    Hi Mike, first great looking site.

    I tested your site on FireFox 6.0 on OS X 10.7.1 without issue on most pages. It wasn't until I landed on the Seminars page that the navigation stopped responding to clicks. This might be due to a custom script or code added to that specific page. I would try removing any of those items for testing.

    The issue might also be limited to a specific version of FireFox, could you please provide the FireFox version # and OS X version # you're testing with?
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