The combo box described below works flawlessly in NOF 11 and is currently in production on my company’s corporate website.

This page when converted to NOF 12 refuses to work.

So I setup a debug test and determined the following:

I have an MS SQL database setup via a “Data Sources” connector and numerous Recordsets. All work and are used extensively throughout my site.

I set up a test page on which there is no custom code or scripts. Only the NOF interface and dialogs are used.

New Page with a single Layout Region which is set as a form.

Form has a Table of 2 rows and 6 columns.

1st row is set as a header with appropriate column titles as text..
2nd is setup with a “Data source Context”.

The First 5 cells have “Forms Edit Fields” that populate from a RECORDEST. (pagination & ajax are off). These work fine.

The 6th cell contains a Combo Box.
  • If the combo box has manually entered elements in the “Forms Combo Box Properties” it works fine.
  • If the Combo Box has a data context:
  • In first data row the drop down is about 8 lines long but all lines are blank.
  • On subsequent rows the drop down contains only one line which is: “{FormsComboBox1(KeyCodes.KeyCodeNumber)}” This is a NOF generated string that represents the Combo Box’s ID followed by the RECORDSET name and the Field Name. Although this is correct for the query, it is not the data itself that is supposed to be here.
  • If the Combo box has a data context AND a dynamic condition the published page will only generate a PHP Error in the browser: “PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in W:\WebSites\TESTSITE\html\po_test.php on line 232”. I would assume this happens since the data context was unsuccessful to start with.