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Thread: Help on database display with combo boxes

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    Default Help on database display with combo boxes

    I have a MySQL database with a set of fields that can be one of a limited set of values. I want to display the record with a combo box with all the possible values with the current value shown on top. For example (this is a database about plants) I have a field that can be either DECIDUOUS or EVERGREEN - if I work the simple way I get a drop down of about 2000 values of one or the other) The box will only take one recordset and I am struggling to work out how to make this happen. I would prefer to have a table with just the possible values as well as the full table of detail values - but I would hand code the possible values if necessary.

    Does anyone have the magic potion?

    I need to move this to NOF 12 which is where I am - but responses here would be welcome. I do not think the process has changed.
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