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Thread: Database connection, suggestions for tiny real estate site?

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    Default Database connection, suggestions for tiny real estate site?

    Been asked to make a site for a small company.

    Thought I would catalog their buildings, its only 2o or so, put the data into a db of some sort and use NoF to publish it. Maybe select what objects should be displayed and not?

    Any other suggestion is very much appreciated as it was long time ago I did a website and the technology havent stood still as much as I have.

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    I have tackled this on several sites and would suggest that you consider buying an off the shelf script and integrate it into your site.

    I have used the NOF DB component since it was introduced and it does a job but the amount of work required to make a decent Estate Agent site is horrendous.

    I have used PropertyMax Pro and made adjustments to suit. So much easier and the client has a full administration capability. Very customisable with a small amount of PHP and CSS knowledge. Take a look here ....

    Hope this helps.

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