I have been running a testimonial area for some time with no problem however
I have one testimonial which is rather long and constantly corrupts the line
in the database therefore my question is how can you extend the amount of
text which can be entered and should the system come up with a warning when
a client has typed too much text in as this does not seem to be happening
which is disappointing as it does tell you when nothing is entered.
I have tried shorter messages and they are still working fine. The text
appears in the database to be over running therefore cutting out the
information at the end which then goes into another line. I hope that makes
sense and someone can help me here.
The relevant part of the database at the end is " guests to enjoy!;:;13161 "
which means the info submitted is not complete as opposed to other lines
which end as follows eg " memorable.;:;1309856110;:;;:;;:;;:;true " for
Also on the display of the add testimonial form I would like to increase the
free text area width only as it looks out of proportion to the rest of the
form. Any help would be appreciated I know this will involved amending the
php but I am not a programmer. Thanks Peter