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Thread: also unable to install

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    Default also unable to install

    I'm trying to install Essentials, but it does nothing. I did try running as administrator (second thing I tried) and I got the same results.

    I'm running 64bit Win 7 with lots of space and RAM so that's not the prob. I dunno.

    When I run the install, it tells me to hit the setup button and then it sits there doing nothing....for forever.

    Please help. I've used earlier full versions of NOF and was considering upgrading, but I wanted to see Essentials first.

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    NetObjects Fusion Essentials is 8 year old software that the company has released as a free product. It is Fusion 7.5. You may already be running a newer version if you have used it in the past.

    You may have a corrupted download. Turn off all download "helpers" and get another copy from the NetO site.

    Here is my "how to install Essentials" tutorial:
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    Default Failed to install Essentials

    I failed also no matter what I try.

    Did you succeed?

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