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Thread: Rotating Ad Banner Problem

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    Default Think I'll stick with NOF Version 10

    Everywhere I read there seems to be provblems with upgrading to Version 12 than are worth it.
    The better features I would want would be a decent shopping cart system, and non-flash rotating images with a decent fade through. That would be worth having, but as I said sounds like V12 is just headaches and extra stuff I dont need.

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    Hello Gary or someone else

    I still have the same problem. Can someone upload/write the source code from Jmedia.js, NOF11?

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Hi Gary, many thanks for posting the prior jmedia.js library. The lib was updated to the latest version (v0.96) in the latest Fusion XII builds. While the newer lib fixed some reported issues, it has broken others. We patched the lib with fixes for the Java Applets (ie Ad Banner) and Flash with ALT text where extra text is displayed below the Flash. These fixes will be in the next Fusion XII update.

    Alternatively you can download/test the patched jmedia.js lib in advance from here:

    Best reguards,
    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the update mate, may I ask if we have an idea of the eta for the patch that will solve this issue please?

    As I am not using that function yet, but would like to play with it, I can wait for some time


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    I have exactly the same problem with Rotating Ad Banner not working in Fusion 13. I have tried everything from fresh installs, different computers, cleaning the registry etc and still can't get it to work. Tech Support wasn't much help...

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