> I've been using NOF for >10 years now; never tapped its full potential.
> > Maybe someone here can tell me if I can do what I need without

> > to PHP, or Python- either of which I'd have to hire someone to do.

> > my ISP doesn't run scripts (Cox Internet), so I'd need to find a web
> > hosting company, too. Hassles that I don't need.
> >
> > I've been selling through my website for years- just a PayPal button,
> > that sort of thing. Now I'd like to sell semi-customized items; there
> > would be 10-20-30 different pull-down tabs, each with different

> > some with more than a dozen options each, and then each option would
> > have a different price associated with it. Add up all the different
> > options, produce a bill (or ask to move on to the next item) through
> > PayPal, pay it, and send me the product to "build" and ship out.
> >
> > Any way to do this in NOF that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg
> > with a web developer? TIA.

You should take a look at this tutorial I wrote on how to roll your own
Mals-e cart system:

this will work for a small store of items that do not change