I've been using NOF for >10 years now; never tapped its full potential. Maybe someone here can tell me if I can do what I need without resorting to PHP, or Python- either of which I'd have to hire someone to do. Plus, my ISP doesn't run scripts (Cox Internet), so I'd need to find a web hosting company, too. Hassles that I don't need.

I've been selling through my website for years- just a PayPal button, that sort of thing. Now I'd like to sell semi-customized items; there would be 10-20-30 different pull-down tabs, each with different options- some with more than a dozen options each, and then each option would have a different price associated with it. Add up all the different options, produce a bill (or ask to move on to the next item) through PayPal, pay it, and send me the product to "build" and ship out.

Any way to do this in NOF that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg with a web developer? TIA.