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Thread: Netobjects update Fusion 12 to Fusion 10

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    Default Netobjects update Fusion 12 to Fusion 10

    What are the major advantages for me to update Version 10 i'm using now for several years with great pleasure Version 12.
    Second i find it strange to get email that the updat cost is $109.00 and when I look in Holland the update will cost me € 109.00.

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    Its a question I would also like to hear an answer for - i have a few little niggles with 10 but basically OK for what I do - what 'toys' or real benefits would I get with 12 ? and what protential upgrade issues ?

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    Export your projects as templates in 10. Start the projects in later versions by importing the template. That way if you need to go back to the older version you can. Fusion is NOT backward compatible so if you open your only file in a newer version you are SOL.
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