I have two fixed-page-layout pages on my site which no longer work properly in the Preview mode. Note: This is the preview mode tab at the bottom of the screen, NOT the browser preview. They work fine in the browser. The problem is that they do not show the vertical scroll bar and are stuck at some random point down the page.

Preview worked fine until I added a meta tag to define Owner. I did this inside the Custom3 area in Code mode (line-22). The meta tag worked fine in the browser but didn't really do what I needed, so I deleted it, leaving the code exactly as found. However now, Preview mode is broken. The code edit was done only on the home page but both fixed-page-layout pages have this problem.

I have tried closing and reopening the program. I also tried toggling one of the pages to Site Setting layout, instead of Fixed-Page-layout. The scroll bar appears in Site Setting layout but not when I return to fixed layout.

Please let me know what I can do to investigate or fix the problem.

The site is at: http://www.tronola.com/
...but I have not published, since this problem occurred, concerned about risk.

Thanks, Steve L.