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Thread: Question on Navigation Buttons for web pages ? (Newbie Question)

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    Default Question on Navigation Buttons for web pages ? (Newbie Question)

    Hi Guys,

    I've been testing the free version and it seems really nice to use.

    However before I take the plunge and buy version 12 (No 30 day trial available!)
    I would like some feedback on 2 questions ?

    1) Can the Navigation Buttons for the web pages be changed in Size, typeface and colour in version 12 as it doesn't seem to be available in the free version ? (I am a newbie so I could well be wrong!)

    2) As I'm in the UK I want to publish the pound sign! When I publish local the pound sign displays as it should. However when I publish to my web provider it displays as a blank ?
    Any ideas if its the web provider or my configuration ?


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    I haven't used the free version so I can't make a comparison. However:
    - You can play with navigation buttons in the Style area of the software
    - I have used the £ sign without issue so perhaps it's your web host and the settings on the server.

    Lastly, why spend your money on NOF 12. Why not try an older version until you feel comfortable with it. I think NOF 10 is a free download if you search for it.


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    As the buttons are graphical elements, changing the size, shape, colour is accomplished using an external graphics editing program. Altering the font used is done in the right-hand properties panel when the button is selected in Style view; this should be possible in your version.

    Can't comment on the pound sign. It could be the setting in NOF telling it what character set to use. Try this: under Tools -> Options -> Current Site select the "General" tab. At the bottom under Text Formatting, select "Western European (ISO-8859-1)" See if that helps.
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